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9 5/8 Inch 47ppf L80 Vam Top Casing Pipe

9 5/8 Inch 47ppf L80 Vam Top Casing Pipe
VAM TOP®​​​ is the most widely used Threaded and Coupled (T&C) premium connection, in tubing and casing sizes.

Product Details

  Out Diameter: 244.48mm, 9 5/8"
  Norminal Weight: 47#(47ppf, 47lb/ft)
  Wall Thicknesss: 11.99mm
  Steel Grade: L80
  Connection: VAM TOP(or equivalent)
  Length: R2 R3
  API Drift: 8.525"
  Pipe properties
  Yield Strength:  min. 80ksi/max. 95ksi
  Tensile strength: min. 95ksi
  Connection properties
  Out diameter: 10.396"
  Inner diameter: 8.858"
  Make-up loss: 5.589"
  Coupling length: 13.19"
  Tensile Yield strength: 1086klb
  Compression resistance: 652klb
  Internal Yield pressure: 6870psi
  External pressure resistance: 4760psi
  Max. structural Bending: 31 °/100 ft
  Max. load on coupling face: 630klb
  VAM TOP has been the most used casing premium connection throughout the world. It proved to be reliable, with suitableperformances for most of the well conditions including high profile projects.
  High Booming pipe offered various casing conections, including API 5CT tubing ends EU, NU, and also premium connections that could perfectly replace the tubing connections in Vam, Vam Top, Hunting, HYD, Tenaris and similar threads.
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