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Brief Introduction Of N80 Oil Casing
2021-11-18 10:44:00

N80 oil casing is an important equipment for oil drilling. The main equipment includes drill pipe, core pipe and casing, drill collar, and small diameter drill pipe. Domestic oil casings are made of hot rolled or cold drawn steel and used for geological drilling. The steel grade is represented by "Geology" (DZ), and there are commonly used casing steel grades such as DZ40, DZ55 and DZ753.

1.N80 petroleum casing application

It is mainly used to support the well wall during and after drilling to ensure the normal progress of the drilling process and to ensure the normal operation of the entire oil well after drilling.

2. Types of N80 petroleum casing

According to the SY/T6194-96 "Petroleum Casing" standard, the types and packaging of petroleum casings are divided into two categories: short-thread casings and their couplings and long-thread casings and their couplings. According to SY/T6194-96, household casings should be bundled with steel wires or steel belts. The exposed part of the thread of each sleeve and coupling should be tightened with a protective ring to protect the thread.

3. Specification of N80 petroleum casing

SY/T6194-96 stipulates that the length of oil casings made in China is variable, with a range of 8m/13m, but casings of not less than 6m can be provided, and the number should not exceed 20%.

4. Appearance of N80 petroleum casing

There should be no folds, hairline, delamination, cracks, creases and crusts on the inner and outer surfaces of the oil casing shell. These defects should be thoroughly removed, and the removal depth should not exceed 12.5% of the nominal wall thickness.

5. Quality of N80 petroleum casing

The surface of the casing and the connecting thread should be smooth, and there should be no burrs, tears and other defects that can cause the thread to break and affect the strength and tight connection.