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Fixing method of steel coupling
2021-11-18 10:46:41

There are many ways to fix steel couplings. What do they specifically include? Today we come to Wei to answer:

Keyway type fixed:

Suitable for high-torque transmission. To prevent axial sliding, it is usually fixed with set screws and clamping screws.

Locating screw fixation: The 90 ° clearance between the two locating screws locks the fixed shaft. In the traditional fixing method, the front end of the screw contacts the shaft center, which may cause damage to the shaft center or make it difficult to remove it.

Expansion sleeve fixing: Tighten the four sets of screws on the end face of the coupling to compress the account sleeve to expand and fix, suitable for the connection and fixation of some stepping motors and servo motors with high torque, such as expansion sleeve diaphragm couplings, Plum couplings, bellows couplings, etc.

Clamping screw fixation: Use the tightening force of the hexagon socket bolt to shrink the slit and clamp the shaft tightly. This method is convenient for fixing and disassembling, and will not cause damage to the shaft center. It is a very common fixing method.

D hole fixing: Generally, if the shaft of the motor is D-shaped, if the positioning screw cannot be fixed, the hole of the coupling can be processed into a D-shaped hole corresponding to the size of the motor shaft, and fixed with the positioning screw No need to worry about slipping.