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Scope of twist drill pipe
2021-11-18 10:46:57

Twist drill pipe is based on the high torque performance of geological drill pipe, using single spiral blade or double spiral blade, pre-stressed winding, fully automatic welding. The drill rod body is made of high-grade geological special alloy steel pipe, and the drill rod joint is made of high-quality alloy structural steel, which is manufactured by high-pressure forming, vacuum quenching and tempering, and friction welding.

In the prior art, when auger drilling is carried out in a soft and overburden coal seam, the twist drill rod blades used are rectangular blades. When drilling, the inner wall of the borehole is easily scratched by the rectangular blades (wings), resulting in the drilling of holes. Stable and inefficient relative drilling.

There are two types of commonly used twist drill rods, threaded twist drill rods and bolt-connected twist drill rods. During the drilling process, the thread-connected twist drill rod cannot be reversed, and the ability to handle accidents in holes such as collapsed holes and buried drills is poor. The bolt-connected twist drill rod transmits the twist through the plane cooperation, and the bolt transmits the pulling force, realizing the functions of the spiral drill rod forward and reverse and lifting. In recent years, many mines use bolt-connected twist drill rods for gas drainage drilling in soft and overburden coal seams, which greatly improves the pore formation rate and depth of gas drainage holes in soft and overburden coal seams. However, the bolt-connected twist drill joints used in the market currently have a right-angled mating surface, and are connected by a single bolt or an elastic U-shaped connecting pin. Due to poor use conditions and complex forces of the drill pipe in coal mines, it is difficult to plug and unplug once the impurities are trapped in the mating surface of the straight prism; the single pin connection has poor reliability, and cannot achieve the sealing function of the drill pipe, which cannot meet the wind pressure drilling Demand for drill rods; the elastic U-shaped connecting pin is fixedly connected to the joint only by the elastic tension between the pin legs, which is easy to fall off during use, causing the drill pipe to disconnect, and the elastic U-shaped connecting pin exposes more parts of the female joint. The chip removal channel has great obstacles and affects the powder discharge of the auger drill pipe, which restricts the popularization of the twist drill pipe.