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Rigid coupling removal method
2021-11-18 10:50:57

Professional rigid coupling manufacturers teach you the correct method of rigid coupling disassembly. Before the rigid coupling is disassembled, make some marks on the position of the coupling parts of the coupling for reference during reassembly. . For the Lings coupling of high-speed machines, the connecting bolts are weighed and the markings must be clear and cannot be mistaken. When removing the coupling, the coupling bolts are generally removed first. Due to the deposition of a layer of grease, corrosion products and other deposits on the surface of the thread, it is difficult for the bolt to be disassembled, especially for bolts with severe corrosion. Disassembly is very difficult.

The removal of the coupling bolts must be made with the right tool, because the stress surface of the outer hexagon or the inner hexagon of the bolt has been slipped and damaged, which is more difficult to disassemble. For bolts that have been rusted or have a lot of grease, the joint between the bolt and the nut is often sprayed with a solvent (such as a loose rust agent) to allow the solvent to penetrate into the thread, which makes it easy to remove the rigid coupling.