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High Temperature And High Pressure Test Method For Inner Casing Of Petroleum Casing
2021-11-18 10:57:50

1. Prepare liquid or gaseous corrosive medium according to test conditions.

2. Open the lid of the autoclave and put the petroleum casing sample into the kettle. If the volume of the autoclave allows, you can put multiple samples at the same time for testing. Each sample should be spaced a certain distance apart.

3. Slowly pour the liquid medium into the kettle.

4. Close the lid of the autoclave, tighten it, input the gas-phase corrosive medium according to the test conditions, slowly increase the pressure, and heat the kettle body.

5. During the heating process, pay attention to the decompression of the kettle so that the test pressure does not exceed the maximum pressure under the test conditions.

6. Maintain the pressure and temperature in the tank under the specified test conditions, so that the test time of the coating sample in the tank is at least 16h.

7. At the end of the test, cool the kettle to below 93 ° C, and reduce the pressure in the kettle to atmospheric pressure at a uniform rate within 15min to 30min to release the corrosive medium from the kettle, and finally remove the sample.

8. After taking out the test piece, visual inspection should be carried out immediately to check whether the coating has been expanded and softened. The samples were then cooled to room temperature for further testing. The test specimens shall be compared with the untested specimens to determine whether the coating has foaming and adhesion. Finally, record the test results and write a test report.

The above is the entire content of the high temperature and high pressure performance test procedure for the inner casing of petroleum casing, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.