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Performance Requirements Of Coupling
2021-11-18 11:18:25

According to different working conditions, the coupling should have the following performance:.

(1) Portability. The mobility of coupling refers to the ability to compensate the relative displacement of two rotating members. The factors such as manufacturing and installation errors between the connected components, temperature changes in operation and load deformation all require the mobility. Movability compensates or mitigates additional loads between axles, bearings, couplings and other components caused by relative displacements between rotating components.

(2) Buffering. For the occasion of starting of regular load or changing of working load, the coupling should have elastic elements which can buffer and reduce vibration, so as to protect the prime mover and the working machine from little or no damage.

(3) It is safe and reliable with sufficient strength and service life.

(4) It has simple structure, convenient assembly, disassembly and maintenance.