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Snake Spring Coupling Notes And Applications
2021-11-18 11:21:52

First, the installation is carefully positioned to control the reasonable deviation

(1) Correction of the gap and angular deviation between the two-valve coupling. When installing, measure the gap between the two-petal spring couplings every 90°. The difference between the maximum and minimum values does not exceed 0.38. Mm.

(2) Radial deviation correction. Use a ruler to place it on a two-piece coupling and measure it every 90°. Check with a ruler that the radial deviation does not exceed 0.38 mm.

Second, choose the right grease

The oil injection point temperature is ≥150°C, which is resistant to centrifugal force. Lithium-based grease with separation stability, no impurities, and no corrosion of carbon steel and nitrile rubber is preferred.

Third, fill the amount of fat

Adequate grease is important for the work of the serpentine spring coupling and it is recommended to check it once a year. Inject the grease with a dry oil gun until there is excess grease in the hole.

Fourth, the snake spring coupling application

1) It is suitable for the medium and high power transmission shaft system connecting two coaxial lines. It has a certain compensation for the relative offset of the two axes and the damping and buffering performance. The working temperature is -30°C~+150°C, and the nominal transfer is transmitted. Moment 45~800000N.m.

2) Mainly used in gravel machines, crank reciprocating motion, reducer, metallurgy, mining, lifting machinery, etc.

3), shaft drive of various other machinery and equipment, where there is a motor connected to the staff, the motor is connected with the reduction gear box or the shaft and the shaft are connected.