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The Difference Between Hot Rolled Seamless Pipe And Hot Expanded Seamless Pipe
2021-11-18 10:39:46

Generally speaking, both hot-expanded steel pipes and hot-rolled steel pipes have strict requirements on the steel grades used in the manufacture of steel pipes. Heat-expanded steel pipes are just a kind of steel pipe manufacturing process, which is to process small-diameter steel pipes into large-diameter steel pipes.

Heat-expanded steel pipe: First of all, on the appearance of the steel pipe, the heat-expanded steel pipe is red, and the inside diameter is lead powder.

The steel pipes to be thermally expanded have strict requirements on the quality of steel grades. Usually, steel pipes with strong shrinkage properties are used, and a waste pipe finish rolling process is used to expand the diameter of the pipe by the cross-rolling method or the drawing method. In this way, the steel pipe is thickened in a short time and used to produce non-standard and special hot-rolled pipes. This kind of hot-expanded steel pipe has low cost and high production efficiency. However, the mechanical properties of this hot-expanded steel pipe are slightly worse than that of the hot-rolled steel pipe.

Because of its reasonable technology, low energy consumption, and good quality, hot-rolled steel pipes are more and more recognized by everyone. Due to the high cost of producing large-diameter hot-rolled steel pipes, they are basically purchased for important parts, so American Standard The hot rolling and hot expansion of seamless pipes depend on the comprehensive consideration of the location and price.