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Plum Coupling Installation Tips
2021-11-18 11:23:48

1. Before installation, first check whether the two axes of the prime mover and the working machine are concentric. Is there any wrapping paper and bump on the surface of the two shafts? Is there any debris in the inner holes of the two coupling couplings of the plum coupling? If there is a bump, if it is necessary, clean the shaft and the half coupling, and handle the bump with a fine twist. Then check that the inner diameter and length of the two coupling halves match the prime mover, the diameter of the working machine and the axial elongation dimension. In general selection, it is better to make the length of the semi-coupling of the prime mover and the working machine less than the axial elongation of 10-30 mm.

2. For ease of installation, it is best to preheat the two coupling halves in a 120-150 incubator or oil sump to make the inner hole size larger and easy to install. After installation, it is guaranteed that the shaft head cannot protrude from the half coupling end face, so that it is flush. Detect the distance between the two coupling halves: take the average of the readings of the 3--4 points along the inner side of the flange of the half coupling, and the sum of the length of the extended section and the two diaphragm sets, two The error is controlled within the range of 0-0.4 mm.

3. Correction: Use the dial indicator to detect the end face and outer circle runout of the two coupling halves. When the outer circle of the flange is less than 250mm, the runout value should be no more than 0.05mm; when the outer circle of the flange is larger than 250mm The jitter value should be no more than 0.08.

4. Mounting bolts: Insert the bolts from the outside of the small holes of the flanges, and insert the buffer sleeves, elastic washers, and nuts on the outside of the large holes of the other flanges, and tighten the nuts with a wrench. If the installation is unsuitable or removed and replaced, the shaft and the half joint will not be damaged. After the installation is completed, it is better to rotate without any difficulty.

5. Operator's Note: Before starting the equipment, the plum coupling should check whether the nut of the plum coupling is loose or loose. If necessary, tighten the nut with a wrench.