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The casing should be used according to its model
2021-11-18 11:24:23

The casing should be used according to its type and under the conditions specified, and pay attention to the following.

(1) Ensuring that the casing seal is the key to achieving a durable life. The position of the sealing structure moved by the user during installation and maintenance should be carefully restored to the original sealed state.

(2) Oil level control and adjustment. Regularly observe the change of the oil level in the casing during operation. If it is too high or too low, it needs to be adjusted. When the oil level is too high, the oil can be drained from the flange. When the oil level is too low, the transformer oil that is qualified according to the grade indicated on the nameplate should be added from the oil filling port of the oil conservator. For products with normal oil performance in preventive tests over the years, the period of preventive testing can be extended to reduce oil withdrawal. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer, the casing is strictly prohibited to disassemble.

The correct oil extraction procedure is: clean the dirt at the flange plug, open the oil plug, use a special grease nozzle, slowly screw in along the center screw hole of the oil plug, resist the plug inside and tighten Pressing the sealing ring of the nozzle, when the transformer oil in the casing flows out along the inner hole of the nozzle; after the oil is taken, the operation is resumed in the reverse order of the above process.

Note: When the nozzle is unscrewed, the oil plug should not be loosened. If it is loose, the oil plug should be tightened with a 19mm socket wrench on the opposite side.

(3) The measuring terminals must be reliably grounded. The measuring terminal is provided at the sleeve mounting flange. When measuring the dielectric loss of the bushing and partial discharge, the terminal cover is unscrewed and the terminal is insulated from the flange. After the measurement is completed, the terminal cover must be covered to ensure reliable grounding. Open circuit is strictly prohibited during operation.

(4) The dielectric loss value measured at 10kV may be inconsistent with the factory test data due to the influence of the measuring instrument, the location of the product and the measurement environment. It is recommended to use the data measured by the high-voltage Xilin Bridge Test Factory and the data measured under high pressure shall prevail.