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Seamless Steel Pipe Itself Has Many Advantages
2021-11-18 11:22:13

The reason why seamless steel tubes can be loved by everyone and used in large quantities is because the seamless steel pipes themselves have many advantages. It is these advantages that make seamless steel pipes become "frequent customers" in our lives. The steel pipes used in the past are all ordinary steel pipes with seams, and they are easy to rust. The use time is often not very long, but the steel pipes used now are seamless steel pipes, which are treated with anti-corrosion treatment. It will easily rust and will take a long time to use. The strength of the seamless steel tube is slightly higher than that of the No. 15 steel, and it is rarely quenched and has no temper brittleness. The cold deformation is high in plasticity, generally used for bending, calendering, crimping and hammer arching. The welding performance of arc welding and contact welding is good. The thickness of gas welding is small, and the shape is strict or the shape is complicated. The machinability cold drawing or normalizing state is better than the annealed state, and is generally used for manufacturing low stress and high toughness requirements.

Many steel pipes are used in transportation, and the precision is good. There will be no pipe leakage when transporting. Of course, every advantage of seamless steel pipe will have its use. Just like the seamless steel pipe is very light weight, it is used in the manufacture of parts. The bicycle frame is the seamless steel pipe used. The advantages of seamless steel tubes are far more than these, and it is these advantages that make seamless steel pipes can be used in large quantities, and also provide a lot of convenience for our lives.