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The Connection Of Seamless Steel Pipe
2021-11-18 10:55:50

When using seamless steel pipe, you will see that it is used for docking with other steel pipes. There are many problems to pay attention to when using seamless steel pipes. The problems and main issues to be noted when docking seamless steel pipes are Which ones?

1. Compression type: Insert the pipe into the nozzle of the pipe fitting, fasten by the nut, and use the screw force to compress the casing of the nozzle through the sealing ring to play a sealing role and complete the connection of the pipe.

2. Welding type: processing the end of the pipe to bevel, and do ring welding on the pipe by manual or automatic welding.

3. Flange type: The flange and the pipe are argon arc welded, fastened with quick clips or bolts, so that the sealing gasket between the flanges plays a sealing role, and the pipe connection is completed.

4. Clamping type: insert the pipe into the pipe fittings and press the pipe wall into a hexagon with a special installation tool. The internal sealing ring also changes to a hexagon. 5. Tapered thread type: that is, the external thread and the pipe are made into a ring shape In argon arc welding, the internally threaded fittings are sealed with tapered threads to complete the piping connection.

The above are the common main methods of jointing seamless steel pipes and the main steps of grounding for your reference. If you have any other questions or problems about the jointing of seamless steel pipes, please contact our technical staff!