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How To Store Oil Tubing And Casing
2021-11-18 11:15:43

Among the many standard steel couplings, choose the best coupling that suits your needs correctly. Standard couplings are easy to buy and the price is much cheaper than non-standard couplings designed by yourself. A series of issues related to the working performance, reliability, service life, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracy, economics, etc. of mechanical product shafting transmission, and also related to the quality of mechanical products. When choosing a coupling, designers should choose a coupling based on the angle of the shaft drive and the needs, and should avoid purely considering only the main and driven end connections to choose a steel coupling.

(I) Load category

Due to the different structures and materials, the load capacity of the coupling used in the transmission system of various mechanical products varies greatly. The load category is mainly for the impact of the working load of the working machine, such as shock, vibration, forward and reverse, braking, frequent start and other reasons to form different types of load. In order to facilitate the selection calculation, the load of the transmission system is divided into four categories.

(B) the mechanical characteristics of the power machine

Between the power machine and the working machine, the main and driven ends are connected through one or several couplings of different types and specifications to form a shafting transmission system. In mechanical transmission, power machines are nothing more than electric motors, internal combustion engines and gas turbines. Due to the different working principles and mechanisms of the power machine, the mechanical characteristics of the power machine are quite different, and some of them run smoothly, and some of them have shocks during operation, which have different effects on the transmission system. According to the mechanical characteristics of power machines, power machines are divided into four categories. The mechanical characteristics of the power machine have a certain impact on the entire transmission system. Due to the different mechanical characteristics of different types of power machines, the corresponding power machine coefficient Kw should be selected to select the best coupling suitable for the system. The type of power machine is the basic factor in selecting the type of coupling. The power of the power machine is one of the main basis for determining the size of the coupling, which is proportional to the torque of the coupling. Some couplings have been standardized. When selecting, you should first select the appropriate type according to the work requirements, then calculate the torque and speed according to the diameter of the shaft, then find out the applicable model from the relevant manual, and finally make the necessary verifications for some key parts.