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How To Maintain Triangular Drill Pipe
2021-11-18 11:15:57

1. Regular maintenance is required to determine the maintenance cycle, and regular anti-rust and dust-proof treatment is required.

2. The use of trigonal drill rods must be within the rated drilling distance of the rig. According to the technical parameters of the drilling distance, the matching drill rods are used.

3. It should be stored in a dry place, and the bottom should be supported by multiple points. The drill pipe should be regularly maintained during long-term storage.

4. When used with a drill bit, the drill bit should normally be larger than the diameter of the drill rod. Pay attention to the condition of the drill and the drill rod during the drilling process. If stuck or sudden death occurs, stop drilling or drill back slowly to ensure that the drill pipe does not bend flat.

5. When drilling or ventilation, make sure the drill pipe is tightly connected. When the drill pipe has seals, such as 0-type seals, etc., pay attention to the use of the seals. In the event of damage or corrosion, replace the seals in time. After drilling is completed, perform maintenance and cleaning on the seals.

6. Triangular drill rods should be tightened manually when drilling to ensure a close fit (threads). It is not possible to drill directly with a rig to prevent damage to the drill rod.

7. If the curvature of the drill pipe exceeds the standard requirements or the thread is damaged after use, it should be scrapped or returned to the factory for repair in time.

8. According to the standard requirements, the drilling depth of the drill pipe should be ensured and the related requirements of geological drilling should prevent the drill pipe from falling out due to the drilling depth reaching the limit of the use of the drill pipe.

9. When working in acid and alkali areas, pay attention to the corrosive effect on the drill pipe. When drilling is completed, the surface of the rod body should be cleaned with water in time to remove the corrosion layer.

10. Triangular drill pipe is made by friction welding of special geological drilling pipe for mining geology and its matching joint, so it has good followability and high tensile strength, which can be used for conventional drilling and gas emission . When working in hard rock, coal or other special environments, the drilling depth of the drill pipe should be determined based on the physical properties and parameters of the actual material of the drill pipe.

11. Drill pipes must not be used as a support platform for heavy-tail stacking. Drill pipes cannot be randomly placed under gravel, coal piles or scattered.

12. Triangular drill pipe maintenance After derusting / dust cleaning, the protective cap or packing should be put on to ensure that the drill pipe is often used.