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What Is Geological Drill Pipe
2021-11-18 11:17:38

When some engineering operations need to be carried out below the ground, we will always see something like an electric drill working, but this thing is drilling the ground, which is the geological drill pipe. Many people don't know the location drill pipe very well, so today we'll take you to know what is geological drill pipe.

Geological drill pipe is a kind of geological drilling tool designed and produced by friction welding process of geological alloy steel pipe. The special alloy steel pipe (r780, dz50) is used for the geological drill pipe body, and the alloy structural steel (42CrMo) is used for the geological drill pipe bit through vacuum tempering treatment, which greatly improves the fatigue strength and shear strength. The geological drill pipe is produced and processed by advanced friction welding technology. The drill pipe has the characteristics of high bending strength and firm welding, which can ensure the requirements of straightness when drilling deep holes, high fatigue strength and long service life. The geological drill pipe has the advantages of strong bending resistance, firmness and durability, easy assembly and disassembly, and convenient operation. The drilling air drill pipe is very wear-resistant (100 times of the traditional drill pipe) and can detect coal. The slag is fast, which saves time and labor. Compared with the same products, it has high cost performance. Therefore, many projects, especially large projects, like to use the geological drill pipe.